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Woman in fear of domestic abuse

El Paso County Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order Lawyer
(Including Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Calhan, Green Mountain Falls, Monument, Palmer Lake and Ramah)

To initiate a domestic violence civil protection/restraining order in El Paso County, Colorado, the person seeking protection first goes to TESSA. You do not need a lawyer in this initial part of the process for the temporary restraining order, However, you generally want to speak to a lawyer first because the hearing for the permanent restraining order is usually contested.

For the contested permanent restraining order, you do want an experiencedattorney who can help you present the best possible case. The Magistrate will impose time limitations and other limitations on your case. In certain situations, you may want to simply extend the temporary protective order until a divorce case can be filed. Again, consultation with an experienced attorney is important.

If you are defending against a permanent restraining order, you also need an experienced. The court will not automatically grant these orders, and having an experienced attorney can make a difference in the result.

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