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Child Custody cases demand two separate skills from the attorney. Those skills involve negotiation and litigation. (Including Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Calhan, Green Mountain Falls, Monument, Palmer Lake, and Ramah)

Some cases can be negotiated. When the parties live close together, and they have both been involved in parenting duties prior to the separation, there is a strong possibility for a negotiated agreement. Judges and the parties always prefer a negotiated agreement. Instead of a judge telling the parties the split of the parenting responsibility they will have to live with, the children will benefit if the parties work out the details among themselves. The parties do not have to face the stress of a third-party decision,

There are always a number to details, though, to work out to establish a workable and enforceable agreement. Furthermore, certain agreements will benefit certain parties. There are circumstances where you want to be general, and circumstances where you want to be specific.

I am well-experienced in this area. I have drafted specific provisions for specific circumstances. I have seen the problems that exist with poorly drafted provisions. I can anticipate the problems, and advise you on what you can live with and what you cannot. I help you come to a workable and enforceable agreement.

Some cases, though, have to be litigated. The parties cannot reach a complete agreement, and the judge must decide the case according to the best interest of the children standard. In some cases, this is because the parties will be living far apart. In some cases, litigation is necessary because of a protective or parental fitness issue. In some cases, litigation is necessary because the parties simply cannot agree.

The best interest of the children is always dependent on the circumstances. Furthermore, as discussed previously, the judge will impose a time limit on the case which requires a litigant to choose carefully the evidence which he or she will present. I have strong opinions on how to present a powerful case. I have the experience to select and marshal the evidence present a succinct, but persuasive and compelling case to the magistrate or judge.

Many times, the family law litigant does not know before the case is filed whether the parties will be able to come to an agreement. The family law litigant must choose an attorney with both strong negotiation and strong litigation skills.  I have the experience to help out no matter which path the case takes.

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